Raw milk cow shares ruled legal

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Grey County farmer Michael Schmidt and raw milk advocate wins his day in court and a recent survey indicates more than one third of Canada’s dairy producers think consumers should be able to buy unpasteurized milk

photo: Michael Schmidt

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This judicial decision isn't about raw milk at all, it's about the legality of "mutual fund" types of fractional cow ownership scenarios which circumvent the stranglehold supply management has, not just over consumers, but over the entire milk industry. The implications of this decision on supply management are huge, and devastating.

This decision is already over-ruled by the higher courts.Look at what was done to the export only group.No politican will go up against the system,,theres too many votes at risk.A DFO EMPLOYEE once told me,,dont worry Quebec will save the system ,,they have all the power. The financial industry will also lobby government strongly to stop any threat as they use quota values as their MAJOR source of security.I dont favor either side,just voicing my opinion.

The judicial system could be just exactly the white knight the government needs to extract itself from the supply management quagmire. It's easy, and very popular, to blame the judicial system when things go badly for your most-vocal constituents, yet governments rarely challenge court decisions. Who'd have ever thought the Canadian judicial system might torpedo supply management before the WTO did?

Quite frankly I do not see how it is devastating. If I want to own part of a cow (just as I can own part of a horse!) I damn well should be allowed and dairy monopolies be damned! If the dairies would fight for what a large section of the population wants, then I would support them!

If this milk was pasteurized before it was distributed to the share holders, what legal approach would the milk marketing boards take.

I think we should be all worried about the government intrusion in people's affairs. I the only danger for public health is the government itself. It is nor concerned that our guys are being killed in Afghanistan, nor does it care about Afghani civilians killed due to illegal invasion. But it is “concerned” about consumption of fresh milk. They don't give a f&ck about GMO crap poisoning the population but they are poring the crocodile tears about the public consuming “dangerous” fresh milk. To me it is a lunacy of the highest degree. I am not even talking about bill C-6.

I've obtained a mater's degree in Public Health, I've worked as a Public Health Inspector, I grew up on a farm, and I do not see a problem with a cow share. Of course, I still believe that it should be baned in food premises but since when is the government allowed to infringe on freedom of personal choice? The government allows tobacco products, which has no benefits at all for consumers and can damage other people's health through 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. However, the government does nothing to stop this because it plays into freedom of choice. At least raw milk can provide many benefits as it can help develop immunity to food pathogens (e.g. E coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, etc). My grandparents grew up on farms and always drank raw milk. They both lived to be over 100 years old because their immune systems aren't weak. Today our immune systems are weaker than ever because we "bubble wrap everything" and we do not let our bodies develop natural immunity to these pathogens. Based on my knowledge and experiences, I believe that public health efforts are unintentionally creating threshold effects.

You are absolutely correct regarding raw milk's ability to build natural immunity. And the taste can't be matched! If canadians want to purchase raw milk, we should be allowed to. It is our right as consumers! And if we can support our Dairy Farmers in a more direct way and encourage them in what they do, as we purchase our raw milk, all the better. The relationship between farmers and consumers should be closer and the available choices of our food supply should be broader. And if raw milk from cows is best only if those cows are able to graze on real grass, out where they really belong, then all the better for the cows too! Why is the government so afraid of consumers actually having the power to choose what we want? Thier so called "health concerns" are not founded in solid science, and they know it!

We need to keep pressing for the freedom of choice, it's bigger than just raw milk!

Regarding tobacco: it's the stuff the add to the tobacco products that are extremely harmful, not the tobacco itself. it was probably far healthier to smoke tobacco before they started adding crap like arsenic to it... the native peoples considered tobacco to be a sacred plant! They wouldn't designate a poisonous harmful plant as sacred! As for not selling raw milk on food premises: did you know they have vending machines for raw milk in Europe? They sterilize themselves, people love it and obviously they aren't dropping like flies. If Europe can do it, we can do it. There's youtube videos about them, from tourists and such that used them, there's info online you can look up. Our Public Health info is bullshit. It's based on the fact that in the past some farmers used unsafe practices so instead of force stopping it, Public Health forced us all to stop drinking it en masse (there may be other info I'm not aware of, but this is something I read) ... well, that's like punishing everyone for the crimes of a few. It is proven, with these machines and with our history even, that raw milk is safe to drink if dispensed and handled safely, and I am very much wanting to try some but live in the city :( I do NOT appreciate the government keeping me from healthy food just because SOME people were irresponsible in the past with the distribution of it, and the farmers that are willing to do the safe practices should be able to do so, not be banned and punished as if they are irresponsible outright! I know you are saying the same in your own words, I just wanted to get the info out and rant a bit :)

So I hope we can get the government off our back where our choices of what to eat, drink, etc are concerned. They are NOT helping and are just causing undue hardship, unhealthy situations (ie weakened immune systems), and costing good farmers their livelihoods over untrue, outdated information.

If you want to smoke and drink its your business,as long as it doesn,t interfear with any on else. If its does interfear its everyones business. I myself don,t what to breathe in the smoke and doesn,t want to be around a drunk and that goes on the road as well. Drink the raw milk if you want but I like it clean I hope out of the stores.

People should have the Freedom to choose
What to eat & how to nourish themselves.
Politics & corporate greed should not
intrude on this most basic human right.

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