RMP on track

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Province plans to talk more about program details in July


The comment that the new RMP will work the same way as the pilot project, is the kiss of death for RMP, especially for hog farmers.

After all, if RMP is going to continue to be an advance on AgriStability, and it appears it is, the undeniable truth of the matter is that the year you really need RMP, the year you're going to also be collecting AgriStability, you'd be absolutely better off without RMP.

What's the point of paying into an insurance program, in this case RMP, only to see your premium, and your coverage, completely disappear when you need them the most?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

RMP on track!

The trouble with the RMP, Crew has a hand on the switch on the railroad track... with an inch between a wreck and smooth rolling prosperity.

This program is more like a track leading to a cliff with no bridge after we pay the fees for the ride.

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