Rural natural gas access touted in throne speech

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So what is the rural gas going to be priced at ? It is going to be a different price than what current gas is priced at . The whole natural gas plan was actually brought forth by the Liberals and only endorsed by the OFA . They were looking to try gain seats in rural Ontario . Sad truth is that only places in rural Ontario within direct lines of towns that will be getting gas will actually get gas . Many areas will likely never get gas soon if ever .

The latest 40% gas price increase went unopposed by the gov't!!!! Therefore, it would be a safe bet any increase in rural gas demand will lead to even higher N.G. price increases. Furthermore, more gov't bully wind power opposed by most rural councils will demand even more complex wind grid stabilizing gas plants to be built. It's not rocket science folks. The result will be a huge natural gas demand and price increase. Then there is the delivery and "hookup" fees. As they say "be carefull what you wish for!" Or, "if it is too good to be true....."

If you can get hooked up and only pay line cost to your house (like $1,500) its not a bad deal . Paying $10-20,000 to run a bigger line for corn dryer or livestock barns you need to be using some volume. Union Gas says corn dryers are there worst customers as they need a big line but buy gas only for a month or less, now greenhouses are big volume users but any new connections have a clause were you need a back up heat source as if supplies get low they can shut you down . NG would be great for farms ,just don't know if I can afford the infrastructure, and I do have a really good LP supplier. Currently LP is 41 cents L plus HST

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