Rural Ontario ‘needs pipeline and not process’ says OFA president

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"No we (gov't) aren't banning it or forcing anyone off it." They probably have Florida swamp land for sale also. Hello! Shades of neonic regs.

The proposal definitely does say no more natural gas for new homes constructed after a certain date.

Same thing was said by gov't about neonics (as in no ban just restrictions and mountains of paperwork)and the gov't also said OFA was supportive of the neonic regs. When are farm groups going to stand up and just say no to the gov't? and quit being so wishy-washy.

The first step is to ban gas for heating new homes built in 2030 or later but then completely ban gas for all home heating by 2050.

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Well Duh Don . Natural gas is needed as backup power for intermittent wind and solar . Geesshh

Gosh. Sounds like McCabe is about ready to give Wynne a B- on her report card. That'll hurt.
Jamie MacMaster
North Glengarry

Farmers need to be paid good money and royalties on how much gas is pumped though the pipeline yearly! Why should farmers have to supply people free for putting a pipeline under their property. These pipelines cause damage to crops, with NO COMPENSATION for losses from Governments or gas companies! Who does the OFA represent, sounds like Mr. McCabe is working for the gas companies and not farmers. It is about time the OFA learns who pays their salaries, who they work for and starts protecting farmers cash crops. It is up setting to read his statements, you draw the conclusion that he may be on the slide from gas companies. Either way he sure is not to bright on the subject, Where are the farmers interest in all of this that are forced to have the pipelines forced on them? WHO speaks to protects Farmers rights and farm land? Bill Denby retired farmer

Rural Ontario has never been a priority for Liberals ..Never will be

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