Sheep on the lam

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A flock of sheep scheduled for destruction by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has disappeared

photo: Montana Jones


So, they want to slaughter the sheep...just in case?? These are rare and endangered sheep! Disgusting! Thank goodness the sheep are safe and alive, and I hope they stay that way! Is it possible that the one sent to Alberta came into contact with the sickness out there? They have already been found to be healthy and free of the sickness, but that is not enough is it? Shame on the government, whom by the way, surely would not replace these sheep after slaughtering them and finding them all healthy, would they?

I totally agree. Living in a farm community I always wondered what those signs were all about that say "This is our land government back off". I thought it odd that small farmers would be such libertarians. Now I am starting to get it. It is these small farms that are going to be our life line when this capitalist market economy further implodes. Persecuting this poor woman because of an international trade obligation...really is this necessary?

has anyone read up on this? this whole herd was tested more than once! it was completely disease free! that lamb was sold 3 years prior to the quarantine - if Scrapie is SO contagious - and the Jones farm is clean - why is this happening? this is just another slam on farmers - who are the REALLY endangered species here. SO glad this underground farmers organization is working on this - of COURSE there's no WEB presence... duh - they are working against bullies!

are they even sure that this lamb came from the Jones farm?

It was a ewe, and yes it came from her farm. She even transferred the registration papers, so she must admit that she sold it.

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I am so glad that those sheep are safe, I think it is deplorable that CFIA would want to kill sheep that weren't even sick!!!! What is wrong with our system???? It is certainly screwed up!!!!

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Maybe some people are having lamb this Easter weekend?

CFIA says quarantines are necessary to control disease.

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