Soil and Crop cites 2015’s successes and failures

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Again, an excellent AGM with a great deal of information. OSCIA needs to determine before-hand what their banquet guest speaker will be talking about. I would have enjoyed hearing about Dr. John Varty's tractor trip across Canada but was left completely bored with his views on the history of land ownership and the progression to cheap food. Much more would have been gained by letting speakers like Blake Vince speak longer.
Alan Lyons

When he started I thought we were going to hear about depression and how it affects some people .
You might get a speaker and give him a subject to speak on but you can't always control what they are going to say once they are at the microphone . I wonder if he was just too nervous .

Alan, I was happy to provide my perspective and share my stories with the AGM attendees. My father was very proud to be President of OSCIA and he met many great people along the way. I have been spoiled to learn the importance of soil health at a very young age

You aren't alone on the banquet speaker. OSCIA had been told all along that 90% of his speech would be regarding the Tractor Canada trip. We were as surprised as anyone.

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