Study backs Hydro One's small generator connection limits

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Safety cited as a major concern


We wouldn,t want someone as big as Ontario Hydro would we.
The price that is paid to produce solar and wind hydro is way to high, everyone complains now about how much their hydro bill is now.
But you don,t hear the ones getting paid complaining about their paycheck for the hydro.
It would bee nice when each home or building could produce their own hydro at a price that everyone can afford.

In order to invest you need to have reasonable rate of return or no-one will invest. Now that it's gone, this promising business will disappear. Renewable energy is the future and Ontario will lose because we are not a big part of it.

If you have too much of a return, and price yourself out of the market, consumers won't want to buy - and for an investor, that's far-worse. Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Ontario's so-called Long-Term Energy Plan calls for two new 1,000-megawatt reactors to be built at Darlington, a process sidelined a few years ago after the province balked at the $26-billion cost. When, and at what cost, the project begins apparently depends on progress to lower the tab. Bentley said the province "is taking all the time we need."

Those are all the right words for a government in hock up to its eyeballs. But how long can new nukes be put off if Ontario -- which has an aging nuclear fleet -- hopes to maintain its 50% nuclear supply?

A stark reminder of nuclear's costs was delivered this month. The Bruce nuclear complex on the shores of Lake Huron is in the midst of a massive project to bring two of its eight reactors back online after years out of service. When the restart was first announced in 2005, the cost was estimated at $2.75 billion. It's since swelled to $4.8 billion.

As polarizing as green energy is, nuclear may make it look like child's play before the province gets its energy house in order.

I for one wonder if OPG/hydro uses the existing system to the fullest as in my case I have three feeders going by the house and I'm tied into one producing energy of 5 kilowatt and can't expand because of constraints and they won't switch me to another feeder that's not constraint because my house is designated to that feeder and as far as islanding I thought that's why we have shut off breaker outside. Just curious that's all

Please conferm that in case of power failure our solar production is automatically turned off. ie.Our production depends on an active grid ?

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