Study sees dramatic progress in greenhouse gas emissions from cattle production

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If GHG's are the driver of the alleged warming this study is important. However I have one concern that I hope can be addressed. The report above declares that the reductions of the three gases is due to improved efficiencies in beef production. That may well be valid but it is NOT valid if it is premised solely on the fact that the recent production took 29% fewer breeding cattle and 24% less land. Was the increase in cow size (weight) taken into account. Between 1981 and 2011 ( the 30 year period covered by this study) cow weights increased 19%. Were the findings adjusted for this? Where can one get a copy of this study? Thank You--Charles Gracey

The recent documentary "Cowspiracy" says that most environmentalists and scientists agree that cows produce over 50% of the Green House Gases.

The CAFO factory farms are a significant contributor to the problem. Sustainable grass fed beef are less of a problem.

It would be interesting to learn how there is such a huge gulf in understanding and conclusions draw by these two credible yet divergent sources.

Do humans not yet understand this complex issue? Are both right is some way?

Alternatively, is someone highly biased, and attempting to delay, deny, destroy, defend, distract, deride, and deflect their responsibility for an important problem?

Glenn Black
Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada

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