Support available for processing under new national ag policy

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I find it hard to except that in todays business environment, Governments do not get it ,they complain that the debt of both levels is out of control and that programs have to be cut to the working poor. That by the way pay the most to the Governments both Fed and Province in way of taxes !They continue to throw millions of tax payers money to farmers free , and most of these farmers are millionaires and pay no TAXES every year needs to stop !!! These farmers need to go to the bank like everyone in business does ,borrow the money and pay it back and quit using tax payer money to make them richer!!!!!I know it hard for them to except but it is time for the governments to start. !! The farmers should be treated like all small businesses are in this country ,sink or swim !! Some farmers may be upset with my comments but I have been a farmer and now in business in the real world where their is no tax payers free money!!!!! Regards,Bill Denby ,Little Britian ,on.

GFII funding is supposed to be Agriculture funding not processor funding . They keep cuttung the slice of the pie that primary production ag gets and soon it will not even be worth the paper it is written on . Gov likes to spout off about all the money going to ag but ag keeps getting cut and then need to divide the the dollars even more with others who are looking for free money for their pet projects .

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