Tests inconclusive on link between PED and feed

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The first thing that comes to mind is that fact some retailers saying that their meat products are from grain fed animals . So do they really know ?

I would think with the shift in the last years with in the industry to early weaning it has lead to un natural supplements being put in feed rations . I do understand that much of this has happened because of efficiencies with in the industry and the race to be the lowest cost producer and an increase in production profits which is directly tied to CHEAP FOOD and cheap food policies .

When I raised pigs here on this farm the sows were group housed , went into a farrowing stall maybe a week before they farrowed . At the most they spent 7 weeks in those stalls and were only in there while they had little ones suckling and many times got moved to half pens where the mothers could move around more and two litters ran together . Farrowing crates are better for the young pigs as it gives them some where to get away from the mother and not get laid on . Even with crates this still does happen but the chances are greatly reduced . I really doubt that many of the proponents of these changes have ever actually watched how a sow will flop down when calling here piglets to feed on her . An animal of 400 to maybe more than 700 lbs is not gentle when laying down and many little piglets from a day to two weeks old are at risk of being crushed by mom . Even dogs or cats ( who are very nimble animals ) at times lay on thier young and suffication or crushing is a possibility . Some things are done with safety of the little ones in mind . As for a sow spending her entire life in a stall I do not agree with but it does make things more efficient from a production dollars stand point .

The general public/consumer will have to pay more if they are pushing for these changes . There are some things that just come with a cost . You can't replace a piglets mother with feed until that piglet is big enough to eat feed on its own . Next we will have regulations telling farmers that the pigs have to stay on their mother for a set length of time also . Many of these changes came as a result of agriculture going to the way of factory farming . You may be able to raise plants in a factory ( green house ) but it does not work well when dealing with animals . They just don't do well when tied to a stick or pole !

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