By the time the grant was announced, the company had gone out of business

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If any of these businesses are truly viable, why do they need taxpayer money at all?
A good business should be able to access private capital.
Look at the list above, dairy and poultry related business? You must be joking, these all operate in a highly regulated industry with massive government protection that gives them the ability to set their prices. They don't need grants.
Here is a novel idea. How about taxing the rest of us less, leaving the money that we worked hard to earn in our pockets, and let us decide how to spend it.

Raube Beuerman

Very good question . I agree with you . The other thing I see as odd is the fact of SM being protected and not for export but give them money to start a business for an export market .

These plants are viable and and will be for some years to come.The Government looks at it as a sound investment, however nothing should irk taxpayers more than have our Governments pour millions into businesses just in a effort to keep them afloat and them have them go belly up anyway!

ie: Quality Meat Packers Ltd.

Once again we have an anonymous poster arguing out of both sides of his/her mouth.
If these plants are "viable" or a "sound investment", then they don't need any form of support at all. They can access private capital or get a loan from a bank.
You can't have it both ways.

Raube Beuerman

I believe you brought up the taxpayers plight, l simply addressed the wasted Government/taxpayers money.

"How about taxing the rest of us less" you ask?

The average consumer spends less than 9% of their household income on food. Less than half of that is spent in the grocery store. That means about 4% of the average household income is spent on groceries.

But the average household pays just over 42% of their income on taxes alone.

Consumers in Ontario pay 10Xs more in taxes than groceries!!!!!!!!!!

You need to get your priorities right.

This poster agrees with my claims in regards to heavy taxation that is spent foolishly, then goes on to tell me that I need to get my priorities right.
Is this sarcasm, or is this just the typical anonymous poster.
I'm going with the latter.

Raube Beuerman

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