Travel clampdown

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A tough travel approvals process for Ontario government staff is making it difficult for provincial agriculture specialists to keep current


As a farmer I do not feel sorry for these people .

Where do they want to travel too,Cuba ,Mexico someplace where,s its warm in the winter. Thats the problem with the goverment workers they want free vacations saying its work.Pay your own way like the other Canadians.

Cutting agriculturally related items under this government is no surprise. This government has shown nothing short of contempt towards farmers for many years.

The only surprise is that the funding cuts is a form of slow water-boarding torture for farmers in stead of the quick rip-the-bandaid-off form.

Looks like the government will have to increase RMP fees to get out of their fiscal hole they created.

if farmers can buy seed corn at $315 list a bag and pay $12000.00 per acre they dont need help

if a farmer can afford to pay $12000.00 then I say good for him because that money is probably going to a very senior farmer after spending a lifetime of growing cheap food to subsidize the public.

McGuinty cancelled farm lot development which was the farmers retirement fund. Farmers are entitled to sell their land to the highest bidder.

Name one farmer that would sell their land to the lowest bidder?

People complain too much about farmers buying expensive land and yet forget about the aged farmer receiving his retirement fund.

it is time civil servants take apay cut and then we can fund them

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