Tribunal rules in favour of former dairy farmers

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Dairy Farmers of Ontario is urged to develop an exemption policy for farmers facing extraordinary circumstances


I wonder how long and how much money in lawyer fees it will take for DFO to finally realize the quota policy of NOV 2006 was A VERY BAD DECEPTION. Do they not realize if this goes much further and it goes from just the agricultural press to the main public press;how damaging it will be for the dairy industry!Pay all the farmers their money back and be DONE WITH THIS! Rick

The Dairy Farmers of Ontario have made their case . Any one getting out of the business will pay them by obeying their accounting taxes or pay a lawyer to fight them, this case sends a clear message to the other farmers that you will lose all your retirement fund to your lawyer if you fight them , PS the money is not in the hands of the Cayer,s.I know how the milk marketing board works as I owned the last fluid processing milk plant in western Ontario forced out of business by them in favor of big milk. For more on what you the real farmers are up against Google bovine.wordpress and search Bernie Bailey or just Google Bernie Bailey as I have Milk Board and the Farm Products Marketing Commission transcripts to back up every thing I say via the Freedom of Information
Still one vote

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