Tribunal to tackle chicken quota allotment, proposed dairy plant

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A group representing Ontario’s dairy processors is challenging an Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs director’s decision to permit a new niche market dairy processing plant


It's bad enough Ontario consumers have to pay up to 38% more than US consumers to buy milk, thanks to supply management, now taxpayers are on the hook to finance tribunal hearings which wouldn't even be necessary if supply management didn't exist.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

I'm sure there are many reasons that Ontario's milk is more than the USA's. One of the main one I would think is the American tax payers are subsidizing corn, and the use of RBGH forcing cows to produce larger volumes of milk, RBGH is banned in Canada and Europe. I'm not a proponent of supply management, because as a new farmer it is near impossible for me to get into any type of farming under the supply management system,but as for it driving up prices I would have to wonder.

Stephen why the negativity? I've never really ever heard any solutions to anything you complain about. You do realize that negativity breeds negativity. Time to get with the program and be part of the solution, move to US, and enjoy the free markets.


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