Trucker obstructed livestock inspector, court rules

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The case should never have reached the courts, says Niagara Landowners Association president


The proper course of action would be for the 16 witnesses to launch a professional misconduct complaint about the Veterinarian to his/her professional ethics committee.

It isn't that there weren't witnesses, and witnesses who are experienced, and well-qualified cattle people. Therefore it would be hard for any professional ethics committee to whitewash the opinion evidence of up to 16 long-time, and well-respected, cattle people, especially since the animal seems to have been able to run away from the Veterinarian who claimed it was too lame to be allowed to live.

Veterinarians, like all professionals, make errors in judgement, and this one appears to have tried to bluff and/or bully his/her way through, and needs, for the good of the profession, to explain things to his/her governing body.

The result of any such hearing is that this, or any Veterinarian who makes doubtful decisions having the significant potential to adversely affect the reputation of the profession, can be put on probation and monitored by a supervisor appointed by the governing body of Veterinary medicine practitioners.

However, the most likely decision any Hearings Tribunal would make in this case, would be to strongly suggest to this particular Veterinarian, that he/she not do any sales barn work of this type in the future.

What has happened to Canada when a ruling like this bends the truth of reality of an animal walking away and latter being ok when its hoof trimmed, this is another example of how wrong agriculture is headed. If Omafra was any dammed good somebody would further investigate this and get something changed or admit what ever. Credability is shoot all to helln, where was OFA, crusifiction for standing up for common sense is wrong.

Shame on the system!

Way to go Frank!!! You did what others should have done as well! Prayerfully this will help change the law and more "inocent" animals dont get the "death penalty' for no real reason!!!

This whole mess would never have happened if the farmer would have trimmed the cow's hooves. Bottom line. End of story.

Nothing looks worse than an animal (sheep, goat, cow, horse, etc.) with overgrown hooves. Farmers can maybe tolerate it, and even convince themselves it is "ok", but Joe or Jill Public will see that, see that the cow is limping and go into panic overdrive. Call the Humane Society, call their MP, MPP, etc. Next thing you know the auction barn, vet working that day, the cow, are all on the 6 o'clock news and YOU TUBE wondering why this cow is in such "pain". Then ALL livestock farmers are painted with same brush. I don't want to be painted by that brush. I am a proud farmer, and take care of my animals. We should ALL do that.

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