University of Guelph aims to improve relationship with Ontario’s agriculture community

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I look forward to seeing what this means to the future of their relationship with Ag. Media.

To be accurate Mr. Campbell can not claim exclusivity for U of G in the field of ag research in this province. It should be noted that Trent University does good agricultural research and last time I checked Trent was still located in Peterborough ON!!

Agree with your statement but also there is more happening at other universities across the province .
I have toured Trent and others and the fact is field crops which are plants are studied intensely at other university campuses .

Thank you very much for pointing to the excellent agriculture-related research that is done at Trent University. You are absolutely correct. Several other universities and colleges in the province do some research, and some teaching, related to agriculture.

The DFO AGM talk focused on the University of Guelph. As such, the talk highlighted important features of U of G. These include both its 140+ year history in the crucial agriculture sector, and the University of Guelph Act - the provincial act that established the university in 1964 - that specifically placed agriculture as a core mandate for the University of Guelph 52 years ago. Agriculture research remains core business at U of G today - it comprises more than $90M of the $140M U of G research budget, and involves supporting agriculture research across its campuses, and 20 field stations, in collaboration with OMAFRA, throughout the province. These features do set U of G apart from other Ontario universities, notwithstanding the excellent research done by colleagues, generally in partnership with U of G, at other post-secondary institutions. In keeping with this, and precisely to your point, no claim was made to exclusivity by U of G in conducting agriculture-related research.

Please do let me know if you have other questions or comments about the research at U of G. We are always working to improve what we do, for our many stakeholders. Contact details can be found in the "Research" section of the U of G website (

I hope that this is helpful.

All the best,

Malcolm Campbell

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