University of Guelph researcher challenges provincial ag policy

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A new study of Greenbelt agriculture around the GTA raises questions about the future of commercial agriculture in the region


i am a greenbelt farmer serf. i opposed mcginty's ill advised green belt. i indicated the reasons why. harry cummings has substantiated them and ncginty's government denied cummings further research funding. why? is mcginty afraid of the truth? mcginty certainly is not afraid of continued greenbelt pbfuscation.just another promise broken and obfuscated.

The Greenbelt has been a project of Government bungling kept in a shroud of half truths. There were no pre-greenbelt studies done to determine threshold benchmarks, no expropriation or appeal under expropriation laws were denied, and there will be no examination until 2015 of the success or failure of the stated objective goals of "science based and economically neutral".

Harry Cummings studies are not the only ones that have been done. Dr. Richard Vyn. Agricultural Economics College Professor. Degrees: Ph.D. Agricultural Economics - University of Guelph M.Sc (Agr.) did his thesis on land values (2005) in and out of the greenbelt showing some startling findings of equity loss for farmland within the greenbelt.

OFA (mostly staff) have repeatedly disavowed Dr Vyns work as not being creditable although he seems to be quite game-fully employed (and building a pension) as "Dr Vyn" at U of G and has been for some time.

Another study done by the Geo Morris Center also shows distinct disadvantages to farming in the greenbelt as an agricultural preserve with a deteriorating future.

The political will of appeasing urban environmental passions to buy non vested votes, has visions of (government) greenbelting significantly more agricultural land in Ont before any measured success or failure of the present greenbelt is undertaken.

It is little wonder McGinty would choke funding to stop any reveal of a failed non science based Greenbelt. It is too bad that the beholden effect of stable funding issued to GFO's has the same outcome on facts too real to refute now shown to be true in Cummings Government funded studies.

The issue of real property rights and impact on those rights, whether it be for greenbelt preserves, windmills, solar panels or source water is too big to be considered someone else's problem in a land 'away over there'.

Sooner or later the impact of loss of property rights and equity on your land without consent or compensation will effect you.

The idea of a greenbelt around urban areas is not to aid farming enterprises but to allow urbanites to feel good about saving a little piece of their perception of farmland. It allows them a pleasant not-too-far-from-home Sunday afternoon drive through 'pristine countryside'. It is a completely backward idea - put the rest of the province in a greenbelt protection area and keep the developers fighting over dirt close to urban centers. Those of us who are already in a natural greenbelt need to be protected from a 'man made' greenbelt.
And all farmers outside of the greenbelt should be thoroughly pissed at the millions of taxpayer dollars that is doled out by the Greenbelt Foundation to businesses/farmers/groups/you-name-it inside the greenbelt (ie why is greenbelt money going to a landowner to pay part of the capital cost of solar unit that will be earning him 80.2cents/kW)

While most of your assumptions are correct, the Greenbelt bribes being offered do not begin to cover the equity draft that took place. On top of that new rules are being considered that may eliminate any type of major built investment. Imagine having to get your neighbour to agree to new opportunties as in the Niagara Escarpment planning area. Most of the farm community will abandon the area in favour of Bay Street types and it is poised to become the pony capital of Canada.

why their aren't more comments on this. i live in Simcoe county and the government did a big FU to the greenbelt when a power plant was allowed to be built on unbuildble soil - the Holland marsh. no one, not even the province's ag orgs, which can no longer be mentioned in comments here, did anything about it. The greenbelt is a joke.

The Greenbelt is just a nice museum between urban Ontario and the true rural agricultural areas of the rest of the province.

The true farmers exist outside of the Greenbelt and cannot take advantage of all of the funding available to promote themselves.

These kinds of comments are the reason farmers get no where- because you are too busy attacking other farmers instead of the real culprits in Ottawa and Toronto. The Greenbelt was an arbitrary designation by government. There is nothing 'untrue' about the farmers stuck in it. They are farmers just like the rest of us, only they have a lot more crap to put up with.

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