U.S. appeal court rejects injunction to block COOL

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Let me see - 140 members of the US House of Representatives sent a jointly-signed letter yesterday to President Obama urging the White House, when pursuing a TPP trade agreement, to leave out countries (such as Canada and Japan) that prove unwilling to open their markets to all US agricultural products - this, in regard to Canada, means 140 members of Congress oppose supply management, a position which vastly-enhances the credibility of Congress, in stark contrast to the trained-seal antics of the imbeciles masquerading as Canadian politicians.

Then, when the US proves to be intransigent about COOL, Canadian politicians and farm groups demonstrate intense obtuseness about there being no connection between the US position on COOL and the US position on supply management.

Can, therefore, be there any doubt at all as to why Ontario Pork passed an almost unanimous resolution urging government to place trade ahead of protectionism?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

I like the words of one pro-label cattleman from Texas "Every piece of clothing on your body,you can look at the label and know where it came from,"
"But the most important thing is what you eat and why the hell shouldn't you know where that came from? that's your health."

A lot of Canadians would agree with that.

It would "appear" that Canadian livestock producers feel it should be a requirement to support "local food" and grown in Canada labels, yet when another country tries to label their products in a similar fashion they cry foul. In addition, it would also appear that Canadian livestock producers and government like to “camouflage” livestock support programs so other countries have difficulty in countervailing, yet become extremely upset if challenged with a countervail. Having it both ways would be putting it mildly. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Canadian livestock and an "integrated" N.A. commodity marketplace but the playing field for labelling and safety nets needs to be level here folks.

I'm not sure Canada should be so upset about COOL. As a United States citizen living in Michigan, I would just as readily buy Canadian meat as meat from the United States. I think just as highly if not more highly of the health and hygiene standards in Canada. I think most of us are more concerned with meat from Mexico or China.

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