U.S. nixes October joint hog report

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Statistics Canada cuts blamed

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I'm sure the cut was made after discussions with the Industry right?

We haven't had a level playing field for Canadian farmers for years. Foreign governments subsidize their farmers but our government cuts support programs, research and now market information. Shameful!

With the screwy way the markets react to every new survey that changes production even a bit, we might be better off with no reports. If the packers need pigs make them pay to get them, except with all the contracting going on they are the only ones that actually know how many pigs there actually are so they still win.

I was not able to find the reference to the recent news item that said to expect to pay more, much more for pork in the first quarter of 2013. Reduced feed stock due to drought has caused high sow sell off in many areas.

Cutting statistical information should mean a lessor work load and cuts in wages for the likes of Bill Parsons, of Statistics Canada commodity section chief should follow.

Maybe if this cost saving strategy works well we could cut weather reports to twice annually since they are seldom right, and we can just stick our heads out the door to see what it is doing anyway.

In Colombia we have also had many problems with pigs. After a heavy advertising schedule has improved the situation and publish pages http://www.agronet.gov.co the positive aspect of working with pigs. Hopefully not from escalating.

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