Vehicle charges ‘totally unreasonable’ says farmer

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A Norfolk farmer convicted on nine counts under two provincial acts concerning a vehicle he modified for farm use says the fight’s not over yet


For $16,000 in conversion costs, and $30,000 in legal fees, he could have bought a completely-roadworthy vehicle, and never had the problem in the first place.

If it looks like a truck, it's a truck - I have no sympathy for people who soup up engines and drive trains, yet can't justify doing the sort of safety compliance every body else has to to.

Pardon me for thinking "totally unreasonable" describes what he sees in his mirror.

I too have recently had a run in with the MTO.It was in regards to my so called ``non slow moving vehicle`` A pickup truck that is used solely for farm work i.e picking up and dropping off farm workers, a service vehicle for my tractors and implements when in field and to deliver farm supplies to and from multiple farms which my father owns or i contract work for. And like you i have only made modifications which were mechanical upgrades. the upgrades that actually make it better suited to farm work. I really am upset that because i didnt chop the vehicle down, which actually would make it worse like cutting off the roof or removing the cargo box or even taking the doors off i am being charged. just think; your in the field and it starts raining so u sit in your farm vehicle and put your supplies inside to keep dry but wait theres no roof. or u have to drive some migrant workers to another farm but now have to make multiple trips because u no longer have safe seating for all. wheres the justice and to say i have to have full plates and insurance on a vehicle that might see the road once a week is just a money grab. Thanx so much for all your support MTO and Canadian government, its nice to know your helpin us farmers out oh and i was on a dirt road doing 40kmh when i was charged.

The "Government" is hellbent on destroying the farmers in Ontario. They prefer the "imports" of fruits and vegetable from poor countries and let the Canadian Framers starve to death and leave the farms! It's a sad day for farmers and it's just the beginning of the war on farmers !

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