Wheat levy proposal based on fairness

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Why is it that when there is funding of any kind needed they always rip a chunk out of the farmers pocket? The farmers contribution to a loaf of bread is 6 or 7 cents to my knowledge. Why don,t they get their $ somewhere farther down the chain than always from the guy who makes the least? The reference to 100,000 acres of certified seed sales is wrong as it is stated that 25% of our Ontario acres are grown from certified seed, down from 75% in the past. I believe there are approximately 1,000,000 acres of wheat planted for /09 harvest, that means 250,000 acres of certified seed. The reppercussions of expensive seed will result in less being purchased. Farmers only need 4 to 7 percent of their crop to produce seed for the following year, yet they are still planting 25% certified. Is it possible that farmers are cutting costs by purchasing less? The difference between profit and loss on 100 acres of wheat could very well be in the amount of certified seed purchased. Does anyone believe their local supermarket would sell a loaf of bread at a loss? Quick, call Chicken Little because the sky IS falling and this report just in, hell has frozen over!

I'm no mathematician, so correct me if I'm wrong,please. One reply on this topic said he got 5 extra bushels from either the new genetics or from certified seed. Lets do the math. Certified seed costs roughly $25.00/bag, @ 2 bags /acre seeding rate, thats $50.00/acre. Common seed costs about $6.00/bushel{market price not cost of production} , @ 2.5 bushel / acre seeding rate, thats $15.00/acre. Add $15.00 for the cost of seed treatment and your at $30.00. You're paying $20.00 more for cetified seed per acre, to get 5 bushel @ $6.00 back.

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