Canada’s beef industry strives to show traceability and sustainability throughout the supply chain

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Blockchain is an emerging technology that provides supply chains with an online documentation system, which the agri-food industry can use to improve traceability and food safety, as well as reduce food waste.

The municipality of Dutton Dunwich continues to support its local businesses, despite increasing infrastructure expenses

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer
Better Farming

Cameron McWilliam runs a cash crop, beef and turkey operation with his wife, Anne Marie, in Elgin County.

He also serves as mayor of Dutton Dunwich, a rural municipality in southwestern Ontario.

Through both of these roles, McWilliam is familiar with the importance of rural infrastructure.

An American ag group promotes on-farm wedding venues

By Jim Algie
Better Farming

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture wants a bigger slice of the US$72-billion American wedding industry spending to be directed to local farms. So, the agency has kicked off an active campaign to encourage publicity for the state’s 650 agri-tourism destinations.

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