Ontario officials scout for traces of Alberta contaminated beef

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Ontario beef is safe to eat say those in the industry

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I just came from the grocery store and I saw some packages labeled with "Ontario Corn Fed Beef" but the butcher couldn't tell me if this was slaughtered in Ontario. If the Ontario beef is safe, then someone is doing a lousy job of letting us know. I didn't see one person pick up any beef in the 5 minutes I was in that area.

Unfortunately there is just too much suspicion in the gov't. They have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to tell the truth. So, this is definitely going to affect all national beef prices for some time.
And although CFIA has instituted traceability initiatives with RFID tagging at the farm of origin, the labelling leaves a LOT to be desired. If the butcher at the store doesn't know where the beef on their shelves originated, then basically nobody will buy it for lack of accountability.

Our national cattle traceability program is a joke and a scam, there is zero traceability beyond the kill floor as the tags are cut off into the gutter.

What a joke to think we have a traceability program that works, its works just enough to deliver large fines to farmers and sales barns who have cattle missing a tag, thats it.

This cattle Id program has only been a boon to the dozens of over paid CFIA workers who drive around to local auction barns in groups of 2 or 3 to deliver fines to the sales barn owners, because of one calf in a pen of 50 that lost its tag.

If we ended the cattle Id program tomorrow we as producers wouldnt get a penny less. This is why it was made manditory because if it wasn't most producers would not of joined up to the idea and there for the program would of shown it doesn't benefit farmers one ounce....

Sean McGivern

WHAT?! What about ontrace and that lovely alliance they had with government and half the OFA? Isn't that working?

OnTrace, now they might actually be the biggest farm scam of this decade, i use to think it was Pigeon King, but now i think its actually OnTrace. Ontrace as far as i can see was only formed to created some board positions for only farm lobby group cronies, who were relectable any more in their industries. Several years back when OnTrace first opened up shop I invited them to come to a Town Hall Meeting i sponsored at the local comunity centre in Desboro, Ontario and about one people showed up all local farmers, concerned and interested about what this new group OnTrace was all about. Well the chaps from OnTrace, who had never spent a working day on a farm in their life had the floor to sell us all on their new programs and with in a few minutes people could quickly see these guys hadn't created any new improved system, they had only created them selfs's a new and improved Job for life and had been slick enough to talk OMAFRA to dump a few million dollars into there bank account to get this square box rolling.
So once the farmers started asking questions after the presentation was over the OnTrace Boy's decided they weren't open to questions and packed up their box of ball caps and slide projector and head back to the safety of their urban dewellings and left a room full of farmers with the notion that this whole OnTrace thing was nothing more then a waste fo tax payer money and farmers time. Just check out the OnTraces board of directors and you will soon see that it was just created as a retirement job for retired OFA and commodity board directors and has nothing to do with food safety or tracability.

Sean McGivern


Here is the link, have a look at the OnTrace Board of Directors lol

Sean McGivern

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