Pigeon King breeders turn to squab markets

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STRATFORD - With no market for their once lucrative breeding stock, a good number of Ontario’s Pigeon King International breeders are planning to sell offspring into the meat market, says former Embro-based salesman Ken Wagler.

UPDATED Thursday June 26, 2008, 11:54 a.m. (Links added)


I hope that there can be some similar process to take place for us in the states, who also got left holdign the bag. My investment was small compared to many, but it was mine.

Virginia, USA

Where does a person start? My father got involved earlier this year. He has new pigeons everyday and no one to buy them. And if Iowa was the first state to say this man couldn't sell these birds in Iowa, how did he. Where does a person start. Attorney General of the state? Other farmers going thru the same situation? Where. Help!

We have a started a support group in the U.S. for PKI breeders.
Please contact me at dayearth@yahoo.com.


Any PKI Breeders in the U.S. we have started a support group. Please contact me at dayearth@yahoo.com.


Everyone keeps talking about a market and an industry. What market? What industry? Pie in the sky!!

I hope no one actually ate any of the birds that were processed that day without knowing whether the PKI flocks were on medicated feed.

Wagler says you raise a meat bird to 20 weeks. Squab are 4 weeks old .

"'Sicilian style' squab sells for $125 a plate at a restaurant in Montreal."

-- As someone else mentioned, this is pie in the sky. Squab for fine dining are not bred from the sort of birds PKI was selling.

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