Producers wary about Ontario Animal Welfare Act changes

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Producers and their representatives are apprehensive about changes to Ontario’s Animal Welfare Act, which give new powers to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They say clarification is needed about how these powers will be exercised in connection with agriculture.


if your farm animals right been treated right to start with then you should have no problem with them coming on the farm, are you trying to hide something?

Hog producers are merely torturing animals with the intelligence of three year old children, through unspeakably barbaric practices. No wonder they don't want an inspection.
Meanwhile their practices destroy the efficacy of the antibiotics their own children need for their lives and create superbugs like MRSA.
They ruin the environment, torture animals and create superbugs.
Remember if you go into a hospital you'll have a good risk of getting MRSA and it's thanks to people being evil enough to treat animals like this and stupid enough to not learn the facts around them that cause this.. it is a simple case of cause and effect.
Congrats on these laws. Meanwhile let's educate everyone to stop meat guzzling factory farmed meats.

Factory farming is unacceptable. To confine animals to every increasingly small spaces is both mental and physical cruelty. It never fails to astound me the total lack of compassion mankind demonstrates for the creatures it can so easily dominate. This legislation will finally give humane societies some ground to stand on. My neighbours keep their horses outside, without shelter, through -40 wind chills and freezing rain - I mean NO shelter. Finally, I hope, the Humane Society will have the authority to require that they build a suitable run in shelter.

Thanks Mr. McGunity.

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