Restaurants must register to obtain lower mozzarella cheese price

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"the registrations are needed so the commission can do audits". One must wonder if this is happening just so the CDC can narrow down who is buying imported or smuggled cheese?

If the Canadian dairy industry wants to have the respect of, and/or support of, anyone, especially in the farm community, they're going to have to explain, in no uncertain terms, why it's a win/win situation for dairy farmers to throw cost-of-production pricing out the window for some mozzarella cheese purchasers, but not others. The undeniable fact of the matter is that as of June 1, 2013, the only people paying cost-of-production prices for mozzarella cheese, will be grocery stores. More to the point, if dairy farmers are now prepared to admit it's a good thing to lower prices of cheese paid by fresh pizza makers, why is it not a good thing to lower the price consumers pay for mozzarella in the stores? Dairy farmers are, of course, and as usual, trying to have it both ways. It's time to simply euthanize supply management before they embarass themselves any further. How can anyone still be stupid enough/greedy enough/naive enough to support this type of complete-buffoonery?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

It is about time the government stepped in to help out a major buyer of mozzarella cheese, the pizza maker and restaurants. I purchase 14,560 kg of mozzarella cheese a year. If the average person bought that much cheese a year I would expect them to get a deal, as I am sure you would.
Because a car dealership gets their cars at a wholesale price, is it right for the average consumer to expect to get that price.
There needs to be a more level playing field when it comes to restaurants competing with pre-made meals that can be purchased at the grocery store. These products are made by huge companies that buy there products cheaper than a restaurant and sold by huge companies with many more customers than and one restaurant. Most restaurants are run independently and these people are trying to scrape by on 8 to 10 percent profit margin and with a lot lower number of customers on average.
Just hoping that everyone who qualifies for the government 3d cheese program will apply for it and make sure you do your best to keep it in your pocket. It is about time someone gave a little help to one of the largest employers in the country, the restaurant industry!!!

Matt, Pizza shop owner.

Where u get cheaper cheese for pizza. I have two stores and I want to find cheese for a good price.


In about three weeks, there are going to be three completely-different pricing schedules for the identical product, depending solely on who's buying it, and what they're going to do with it. Anywhere else but in supply management, people would go to jail for trying to do the same thing - but not in farming where the belief that "we're dairy farmers, the rules don't apply to us" seems to prevail, but, hopefully, not for long.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Could they possibly have come up with a more complicated, cumbersome bureaucratic system? They make our provincial politicians look good!

When the Soviet Union collapsed, I'm positive some of their central planners came to Canada to work for supply management. The classic Kremlin story involves a men's suit factory being rewarded to produce more suits - unfortunately these suits would fit only midgets or large chimpanzees. It's that type of mentality which allows supply management supporters to claim it's a good thing to throw cost-of-production pricing out the window for some mozzarella cheese customers, but not others.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Price is still way too high.. I will be buying American cheese instead...through Sysco...

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