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Satellite imagery: Multi-use, multi-purpose

Drones and Satellites: match made in the sky

By Jennifer Jackson

Some producers may have a strict preference for either drone or satellite imagery for use on the farm. However, it may not be a choice that needs to be made, some industry experts say. The two technologies vary in their uses and could complement each other well under the right conditions.  

Fast and reliable Internet: are we getting close on the farm?

Better Farming investigates rural Internet access challenges and highlights some of the developments which promise improvements

Across the province, farmers struggle with access to reliable, high-speed Internet. Rural service can be interrupted by wind and precipitation – and plans can be costly.

Right of passage

The provincial government introduced the Supporting Ontario Trails Act last year. This winter, landowners and snowmobilers continue to debate the use of Ontario’s rural trails.

Photos and captions by Mary Baxter.

The winter snowfall means the return of snowmobiles to the extensive network of trails across the province. But preparation for the 2016-17 season has been challenging.