Bacon is hot, even hotter if you are a duck

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At least that’s one way for pork producers to look at the rise of bacon substitutes all over the world.

Take Duck Bacon, for example. D’Artagnan, a gourmet food company based in Newark, N.J., charges US$12.99 for eight ounces of “uncured, smoked” and “nitrate and nitrite free” meat “except for that naturally occurring in celery powder” product. D’Artagnan brags that the ducks are “Moulard,” a cross between Pekin and Muscovy. The product is perfect for kosher and halal consumers. D’Artagnan guarantees next day delivery via FedEx.

But duck raisers aren’t the only folks jumping on the bacon bandwagon. There’s veal, turkey and even wild boar (although one wonders if that is kosher).

Better Pork - August 2012