Beef drop worst since 1940; pig numbers down 10 per cent

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The drop in Ontario’s beef cattle inventory is the worst since 1940, a Statistics Canada report reveals

Clarification: 4:02 PM Monday Feb. 23, 2009


and here we go again south, south, south

U.S. numbers are also down. Lowest since 1959. When people don't have jobs they won't buy beef especially with the disconnect between farm prices and retail prices.
John in Eastern Ont

you are right
Restaurant sales are down not necessarily fast food but high end

portion control is whereits at people like to treat themselves and will cook at home smallar portion however

No waste bone out cuts

Tom Cliff
pemmicanhill bison

just let the numbers drop ,, thats the only way supply and demand will take over again. Once there is demand , farmers can make the price again

I just read that first paragraph if this article, and the numbers don't add up. If the cattle inventory of 1,884,000 one year ago is accurate, and the 14.5% reduction in the size of the Ontario herd is also accurate, then the current inventory is less than 1,611,000.

I appreciate the job you and your staff do, but please double check the numbers that others give you, particularly government sources.

A Hog farmer

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