Confusion reigns in Ontario farm community following leaked report

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Any attempts to pass this into law in the future would be met with public outrage and possibly riots, given how expensive it would be to heat with just electricity.
The comments sections on those articles were met with far-larger than normal volume from readers expressing vitriol towards the liberals.
Even the most die-hard liberals would consider voting the them out in the face of such higher costs come election time.
While the reduction of emissions is always good, we must not impoverish the general population at the same time. Remember, that alot of electricity is still supplied to OPG from natgas generation, therefore we can conclude that this 'forcing' of a market has more to do with over-expansion of green energy, and the fact that Hydro one and OPG are crown corporations with greedy unions.
If this was to happen in the future, hydro bills have the very real possibility of becoming the largest expense for many, even larger than a mortgage payment.
It is now my biggest expense for my barn.

Raube Beuerman

Our house had a wood burning stove once but an efficient gas furnace replaced it. I will buy a new wood stove because diesel and hydro are not cheaper energy alternatives. We have plenty of trees on our property but had no value to us until now. Time to start cutting them down for firewood. We can store more than 10 years of wood in a covered environment.

A different option might be to look at a corn burning boiler or furnace . I can combine enough for a year in the time it would take you to gather your saw , gas and tools .

Excellent ideas but that wouldn't Fit Gov't Agenda of padding the pockets of gov't agencies and the offshore wind electricity companies.

Sooner or later, people will want to reduce electricity if the Gov't can't reduce the overpriced intermittent expensive wind Green electricity delivered at high cost because of export at a loss etc.

Wood does not attract rodents, also I don't grow corn so there is a cost to me to buy the corn.

My time is my own and I have a plenty of trees. Cutting them down and chopping them up is of little cost to me. Enough trees on my property to keep me warm for decades if natural gas is no longer available.

Wood is great heat many times . You get heated up when you cut it , split it , stack it and carry it in before you burn it .
food in a house will attract rodents . Properly stored corn does not attract rodents . You just have to be particular on how and where you store it .

If the environmentalists and the climate change fanatics have their way, we may soon have restrictions on burning wood as well.( there have been rumours).

Maybe it's time to secede from Toronto and create another Province that does not include Queens Park. Queens Park has made this province into a nanny state and the rural people will just end up freezing in the cold, but at least we will have food.

Two problems with your thinking .
First off Ag land which is privately owned is considered park land by urban and Queens Park . You won't soon be able to grow crops on park land .
Second getting away from Toronto & QP is one thing but we now have the Drama Queen wearing pants as our Prime Minister . We're screwed .

Well yes you are correct . Won't be long before Wynne and the tree hugger environmentalists stop the cutting of trees not only for firewood but to help support the greedy GEA , OPA & OPG . Ont Farm Ag reps will be supportive of that also .

As for the burning of wood , every time some ones outdoor wood furnace's thermostat calls for heat you almost want to call 911 . The Cheech & Chong smoke from their car scene is nothing .

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