Earlier maturing corn varieties could benefit Ontario growers

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I'm wholeheartedly against GE products. We need further scientific and health studies before these products are 'let loose' on the consumer. GE crops need to be researched in a controlled environment so that there is absolutely no chance of contamination of regular crops. Which independent scientific body did the research and data production for the London early cropping corn? Who has approved the field-testing and on what evidence and who's evidence? Has the corn been tested for adverse effects, same as for pharmaceutical drugs? It should be as the consequences are even more dire than drugs....every human being consumes some sort of corn product.

Why isn't Japan importing GE crops? We need tighter controls until GE foods have been thoroughly tested by independent scientific institutes.

I look forward to your reply.


L Elliott

I just spent a week in the San Francisco area, and I couldn't find a milk container anywhere which didn't have a claim that the farmers producing that milk didn't use growth-promoting hormones - US consumers, therefore, have a choice about what they eat which is denied to Canadian consumers who don't know if the milk they drink has been "enhanced" with BST our dairy farmers import for their own use. Forget about educating consumers - give them a choice, and let them decide. It's too bad Canadian farmers, especially our dairy farmers, don't understand the concept.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

l have always wondered why the US dairy industry supports the use of BST and at the same time US dairies are paying milk producers a premium not to use it? l wonder if US taxpayers who heavily subsidizes Dairy wonder the same thing?
However you are correct,Canada along with Australia,New Zealand,Japan and all European Union countries do not allow BST on the Market.Therefore Yes,the Canadian Dairy industry does not give consumers the choice to purchase growth-promoting hormone milk,for that one has to cross the border!
Dairy farmer in Perth

BST can't be sold in Canada, and that's the only restriction we have. However, Canadian dairy farmers are allowed to import BST for their own use, and there are no restrictions (other than tariffs) on the import of products containing BST. Therefore, while US consumers can avoid dairy products containing BST, Canadian consumers, thanks to the double-standards of our dairy industry, cannot.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Does BST not naturally occur in milk just like hormones in beef ?

GE products have been a normal part of corn and soybean production for more than 20 years on millions of acres. If, just if, there were adverse heath effects wouldn't we have seen them by now? By the way, when was the last time you ate a grape with a seed in it or maybe enjoyed a seedless watermelon?

This article is not about GE corn, its about corn that matures earlier. Monsanto breeds lots of conventional seed, and the corn pest pressure in canada will likely not require plant incorporated protectants. Just because it involves Monsanto should not automatically imply genetic engineering.

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