GMO-alfalfa protest united farmers and consumers, say organizers

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Given the yield drag, and yield variability, of organic, especially in those parts of the world where even the slightest loss in yield due to factors which could have been mitigated by the use of commercial herbicides and pesticides, can spell hunger and/or famine, why would we argue in favour of something which, even here, increases both production and financial risk for farmers?
Or, to look at it another way, if I'm going to compete with the wretched excesses of the incomes and purchasing power availale only to dairy and poultry farmers, I need all the help I can get, including the help from GMO seeds. Advantage is a door that swings both ways - I might be in favour of banning GMO alfalfa if we also banned supply management.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

While I can respect the hard work that goes into raising/producing organic food and the freedom to do so, I don't respect the fact that they don't want other farmers the option of having this technology. For example, an organic farmer does not want this alfalfa in a field beside him/her because it may contaminate their farm, yet what about the conventional farmer's alfalfa field becoming contaminated with weed seeds from the organic farmer(like dandelion), and not having the ability to use this new alfalfa and spray it?

I think alot of farmers would like to spray their alfalfa fields with less than $10 worth of roundup, especially last year with signifigant dandelion pressure, to get another year or 2 out of their stands, when you consider the cost of reseeding.

Spraying roundup on my hay, would take out a lot more than the dandelion's kill since I have a 50% non alfalfa mix. By the time you have enough yield drag from weeds it is time to take the stand out anyhow, and it will cost a lot more to kill RR alfalfa.

John Gillespie

John, your bang on, I couldn't agree more with you. I have sold grass seed for more then a decade now and I have yet to sell some one straight alfalfa seed, maybe there are some people planting 100% alfalfa but none that I have encountered. This is simply an easy way for Monsanto to control all of the seed stock and limit farmers choice. If other farmers cant see this their out to lunch.

Sean McGivern, President
Practical Farmers of Ontario

Last year, with the abnormally warm spring, followed by frost, we saw alfalfa take a kit, but not dandelion's, and I know many farmers that grow alfalfa on its own that would love to have had this option. No matter how you slice it, an application of roundup is cheap. Yes, you may have to switch to a different group of herbicide after you go back to another crop, but many farmers, such as myself, switch between different groups of herbicides in their rotation already.

want to fix your dandelion problem ??? get a soil test and spread some lime, and as for a cheap fix last time I checked it cost $10.00 an acre just for the application, unless your one of these farmers who can do it for far less then every one else, because you've under valued your time and equipment,

Sean McGivern

My soil PH is already too high so I don't want to add lime. Even if it was, could I buy lime and spread it for any less than an application of roundup? I doubt it would give me as effective of control also.

Well your A typical thinking, is just the type of thinking that has made farmers dependent on companies like Monsanto, heck your right why actually look at the under lying issue that is causing your weed problem, why not just blast it all round up, and forget about soil biology, heck maybe your God Monsanto will even find a replacement for soil life some day... so until then lets just blast off all the round up we can and totally ruin the soil micronutrients. Let me guess your a UofG grad from some time back in the 70's ? because that's the era of thinking your mind is still stuck in.

Sean McGivern

Anonymous personal attack deleted.

when one thinks of a leader, the person is usually a well spoken intelligent listener. I think PFO stands for Practical Farmers of Ontario, i would be embarassed by the rude comments and assumptions that their PFO leader makes.

G. Kimble

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