Ground current plagues Ontario farms says electrical expert

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When Thomas Edison started his electric illuminating company and began the electrcal distribution system, he used only one insulated (from earth) conductor and the earth for a return conductor. This uncontrolled flow of current over the earth resulted in shocking horses and his employees as they dug along side of the underground distribution system. Employees working on the tracks received electric shocks, especially when separating the track joints.
This prompted Edison to devise the three wire distribution system, similar to what we use in our homes. Edison insulated all three conductors, this allowed him to know where all the current was at all times. On August 30 1887 his patent describes the conductors are well insulated from each other and from earth. Edison warned the utilities not to use earth as a return conductor. He knew way back then that this was not a good practice and look what the utilities are doing today, there using earth as a return conductor.

Lorne Lantz

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