From manual readings to smart meters and back again

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Exports of hydro are 5 times what Ag uses . Should be easy to get free hydro for farmers . The more we conserve the more we export at a loss and the smaller the ag percentage is so the less it will matter to Gov . Bigger problem is the cost of the global adjustment and transportation we have to pay . These two charges will only increase more as new/more renewable energy is added to the grid .

Farmers know all about cellular service gaps. They also know about terrible Internet but that's another story.

I didn't see any mention in this story about the refund cheques Hydro should be sending to everyone who bought timers to comply with smart meter billing. Class action anyone?

Don't suppose anyone thought that improving the cellular signals might be a triple benefit to Hydro One, the farmers, and the Cellphone companies

You would think that some knew that the smart meters would not be able to communicate because of the poor cell reception in areas . But no just drive forward with the project and add the cost with some thing that won't work to go back and do it over again . Oh how smart some people are . But then again it does not matter to them as they still get their huge wages if it works or not .

This is beyond disgusting, If the government would do a little research prior to jumping into this world wide crap they would have found out that the smart meters were only a scam on them, and the people. Idiots! Unless of course they fully knew all this and again were just making money on the side and hoping the people whould stay sleeping. Personally I think it is a little bit of both. Greedy idiots.

This project was a complete failure! 36 thousand out of 4.8 million meters did not have a reliable connection to the infrastructure! Only 99.9925 % of the meters functioned as intended. WOW!! How will we ever get over this catastrophic news!!

This would never have happened if hydro one had been 100% privatized long ago.

Or put it this way, when was the the last time you had absolutely terrible service from a McDonalds or Tim Hortons?

Raube Beuerman

Wow, just Google - bad service at McDonalds - or read the book titled Service Failure. They don't hit 99.9925%!

I don't know about the service google got but I've always had good service there and at Tim Horton's...otherwise I wouldn't go there...neither would millions of others!

The tier two hydro rate is higher than that of the TOU pricing. Netting, yet again, higher cost for those rural residence. By the way, where is all the green energy made? Seems to me that the soal farms and wind turbines are a lot closer to these customers than the cities it is all fed too. It is all just take take from rural Ontario!!!

What are we exactly paying per kilowatt? The set prices are meaningless without all the taxes and delivery fees added in. I'm estimating that on average we are paying between 20 and 35 cents per kilowatt which is almost 2 to 3 times the national average. Sounds like a class action law suit case to me. Its time for us to stand up for fair pricing and take on the liberal government of Ontario

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