Milk trial wraps up

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But it will be a long wait before a decision is released concerning charges against a Durham-area farmer for selling and distributing raw milk

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I'll bet Mr. Schmidt thinks we should have a cigarette with our milk. Dolts always insist on their "right" to be idiots.

More power to you Mr. Schmidt. You are fighting the good fight.

Mr. Schmidt: You are fighting the good fight. More power to you

our little cowshare in British Columbia is working well, going on two years of operation. We have many reports of improvements in the health of shareholders. No one has gotten sick from the REAL MILK

what's comical is seeing the kneejerk bleats from ignoramuses, entrained in propaganda from the Dairy cartel, that we ought not to be allowed to use and enjoy our property, ie. the milk produced from our cows. Last summer 17 people in Canada died from eating processed meat, the sale of which was - and continues to be - legal. But you won't hear the ignoramuses mention the fact that Health Canada admits one in 400 packages of such meat, is contaminated by listeria. Such which carries the greater risk of food poisoning?

I recommend that those so emphatic about outlawing pure fresh whole raw milk, do your homework : get a couple of facts to rub together before sounding off. Start with the idea that raw milk is sold in most of the states in the US ... what is it they there know, that Ontario farmers haven't managed to figure out since 1938?

what about unpasteurized honey that you can buy in any store is that legal? what not milk.

The next logical step for our nanny government to take is ban the sale of raw meat and raw eggs - both contain pathogens which could be transmitted to humans... (We forget that Canada was weaned on raw milk.) It's also ironic that the government will allow the public to willfully poison themselves with alcohol or tobacco - two products that tax our health care system more than anything else.

The same people who say raw milk is bad (how did we ever survive before Health Canada ?) say that fluoride is good for you, aspertame is good for you -and the list goes on. What a brave new world we live in.

Why is it that our public servants feel that they have the right to restrict our freedom of choice. They forget that they are here to serve the public, not the other way around. It is so typical for them to rant and rave about something as natural as raw milk - but has anyone read a food label lately - look at the crap they allow to be added to our food without a peep. They'd rather stomp all over the little guy, but shake in their boots when they have to confront the corporate manufactured food machine.

Sometimes you have to wonder if what they want us to buy is even real food.

Health Canada does not involve themselves in any elite high end foods called organic. They are concerned with regular consumer food safety. The regular raw milk that they see comes from our dairy farm factories. If 31% of the raw milk coming form US farm factories has one or more of those nasty pathogens listed above, then wouldn't our regular milk have an alarmingly high risk factor as well? Obviously yes, Health Canada, DFO, and the experts at Guelph's University agree.

Since it is fairly easy to overwork dairy cows to a point were they become very susceptible to these pathogens, you would think most dairy farmers would avoid doing so. DFO requires that for each cow you want to milk you have to pay them $30,000. Perhaps ten times the cost of owning a cow? How many years do you have to milk it before you break even? Who in there right mind would give up 50-60% of their milk output and income to make clean pathogen free milk? Farmers need at least 20 cows to make a living. Unfortunately this is a factory system that produces dirty pasteurized milk for the masses.

Organic milk farming produces clean live healthy raw milk. This raw milk has an active living immune system that prevents the milk from going bad and boasts your own system. It has white cells, that we have in our blood. Milk has such a high concentration of carbohydrates, fat, and protein that a special digestive complement exists so that a new born with a sterile digestive track will be properly nourished. Pasteurization kills the living milk and serious compromises the digestive components in the milk. Some also suggest that pasteurization allows us to ingest harmful components of milk that would not be absorbed from raw milk. People that drink organic raw milk don't get colds, flu, or suffer from lactose intolerance. Dirty pasteurized milk has been a burden on our health care system long enough!

We need to get out of the stone ages, and make the production, sale, and distribution of dirty factory milk illegal. Organic raw milk should be legal, and it should not be pasteurized.

Health Canada is full of crap; there are many products that should not be on the shelf but raw milk is not one of them. In fact anything in its raw natural form, which is free of the garbage from processing, chemical based herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers preservatives and not mention growth hormone and genetic modification, is far superior than the man made equivalent. And we shouldn't be paranoid of a little bacteria it's everywhere and that's why we have an immune system, the immune system needs a workout once in while too to stay healthy don't baby it too much.

What is being done here is mass manipulation through the media to make us believe a certain way, and then Health Canada swoops in saves the day by yet striping away another freedom and 1 by 1 all our rights by which this country was built on are being stripped away. and anyone who decides to stand up for our rights (Michael Schmidt) is being shut down and threatened with imprisonment if they don't shut their mouths even if they are doing what is right.

Freedom of choice no the pros and cons and make an informative decision. I believe most adults are capable of this for themselves and their families and should have the right to choose.


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