Nutrient Management Act violation results in fines for dairy farmer, consultant

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One day people will care about the farmers instead of putting them down when there is zero left.

Given that supply managed farmers care about nobody else but themselves, and given that corn farmers, thanks to ethanol, are rapidly getting to the same point, what's the point of finding fault with people outside the farm community when there's enough guilt within it?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

"Teach them a lesson" tactics on a public forum doesn't further a discussion and it doesn't solve any problems or make anyone's life better.
We need a vision.
Years ago supply managed farmers bought into a vision and they succeeded. They have respected others who didn't share their vision. Some of these other groups are failing badly and they have blamed everyone but themselves for the failure. Now you and they blame supply management.
Ask a pork or beef producer for an industry vision that would allow an investor to get a proper return on management risk and labor. Then check what they say against reality. Make sure they don't mention government help and make sure they have considered currency fluctuation in their vision.

You are kidding about the vision right? One of the big attractions for the pork and beef guys is the macho appeal of high risk. They have always seen themselves as tough guys who can withstand the low cycles and they fool themselves into believing they make big money during the good times. Any smart business man would laugh at the risk involved and the money made and mostly lost. Remember a high risk investment is supposed to be justified by bringing a high return.

Government and producer interest cannot be trusted to operate in the best interest of the public when not in a free market. When created it may have had a humble rationale, but eventually the stakes rise, and policies become distorted(and they have). In addition, if supply managed farmers had respect for non supply managed farmers they would have done something a long time ago about quota having value so as to not upset land values and borrowing power which has also happened. Supply managed farmers need to realize that they should not be protected at the expense of the consumers, other farmers and any other business that is export oriented in Canada.

Would the free market you refer to be the one where foreign governments protect (subsidize) their food producers and repeatedly erect illegal trade barriers? Or would it be the one where our own and other governments cause feed prices to rise with taxpayer subsidies. No worry supply management where you pass along costs to the buyer is the solution.

One day you will care is correct when all the farmers are gone!

One day you will all care when all the farmers are gone in the industry because of these issues!

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