Pork council victor in ear tag dust-up

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I'm very disappointed with the negative word spin Susan Mann quoted me as saying in this article. I made time to answer her interview questions last week, and I find that she completed ignored any of the constructive points I had to make about CFIA complaints and appeals process. I will definitely think twice before answering any questions in the future.
- Jeff Clark, PigTrace

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was edited and condensed from the reporter's original report.

The article doesn't have a negative spin...it tells what happened and the outcome. Don't be so sensitive Mr. Clark.
D. Linton

It might be more enlightening if Mr. Clark could offer some specifics. As things stand we don't know where the alleged inaccuracies are so it's hard to know what the problem is.

Maybe "negative spin" was too strong a choice of words; however, I thought I had emphasized in my interview that I was very impressed with the CFIA internal review process. Unfortunately that positive message did not come through in the article.

In my opinion, the CFIA Complaints and Appeals Office was incredibly fast and efficient at completing their internal investigation. It was not my intent in any way to criticize government inspectors. As an example, the phrase "it was just confusion on the part of the inspectors" can be construed in two very different and opposing ways: (1) critical and insulting of the intelligence of inspectors, or (2) understanding and forgiving of misinterpretation on the part of inspectors. My intent was the latter.

... It is these vague nuances in the wording, open to interpretation by the reader, that irk me about the article. Granted, I may have to be more careful in my specific choice of words in order to guard against reporters taking only small snippets, devoid of my original intent.

In the end, no hard feelings Susan and Better Farming; I do appreciate your attention to the PigTrace program, and all that you do to inform Canadian farmers.
- Jeff

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