Raw milk crusader slapped with fine, probation

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‘I am not intending to pay the fine,’ says Durham-area farmer Michael Schmidt


The government agency that allows GMO, vaccination, aspartame, EMF radiation from phones and smart meters, stannis flouride in the water supply, limits information on radiation from Fukushima, that says bisphenol A is good, that has no problem with mercury in dental fillings and injections has finally come to defend us from raw milk. Milk has been consumed since people farmed cows, but suddenly, non historically, milk is bad. Milk, which is a symbol for goodness, like "the milk of human kindness", or "the cream of the crop" is now supposed to be deadly poison. I suppose in the not to distant future we will hear of villains trying to slip someone a drink of raw milk, or of evil people as being as infected with evil as milk.
My tax money is hard at work paying for the swat teams that arrive at the door of the arch criminals that sell raw milk and then phalanxes of lawyers (again my tax money hard at work) can grind these purveyors of pure hell (raw milk) for years through the courts, leaving them broke, and maybe broken. Perhaps it is time to occupy Health Canada.

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